Talking to Your Fiancé About a Prenuptial Agreement

Financial discussions are difficult to have and, if you are planning to get married, suggesting a prenuptial agreement may be a challenging topic to address. People often perceive prenuptial agreements as an indicator that the marriage may be destined for failure. However, creating a prenuptial agreement does not necessarily mean you will get a divorce. You may never use it, but the act of creating it will help you and your future spouse develop a better understanding of what is most important to one another.

Discussing a Prenuptial Agreement

As beneficial as prenuptial agreements are for couples, it does not change the fact that this is a tricky subject to bring up.

We compiled some tips that will help you address this matter with your fiancé, so you can navigate this conversation with greater ease:

  • You should give your fiancé as much time as possible to consider your request, so talk about it as soon as you can. Springing it at the last minute will not make your fiancé feel secure or safe and it may end up being a dealbreaker.
  • Make sure your fiancé understands that you can create the prenuptial agreement together. Collaborating on this important document will help your fiancé trust that it is in both of your best interests.
  • Reassure your fiancé that having a prenuptial agreement does not mean your marriage will not survive. Creating a prenuptial agreement can protect both of you, so this is not a selfish act. Moreover, you will learn more about each other than most spouses do, so while it might not seem romantic, it can strengthen your marriage.

Once you and your fiancé make the decision to move forward with creating a prenuptial agreement, you should each hire an attorney to ensure it represents your best interests.

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