Spousal Support

Can I Reduce or Increase Spousal Support?

A lot can happen in a person’s life in the aftermath of a divorce and the orders that were initially issued and part of your divorce decree may not always be appropriate for your changing circumstances, especially when it comes to finances. One party may lose a job, receive a substantial increase in income, or even become disabled and unable to work. So long as the change in circumstances was substantial, you may be able to receive a modification of your spousal support order.

Modifying Your Spousal Support Order

Whether you want to increase or reduce your spousal support order, you must prove that your circumstances or the circumstances of your former spouse changed significantly enough to warrant a modification. If you are requesting a reduction, you cannot purposefully reduce your income to achieve this. Any reduction of income, such as the loss of a job, must be involuntary for your request to be successful.

Here are some situations in which a judge may grant a request for spousal support modification:

  • You or your former spouse became unemployed or received a reduction in income
  • You or your former spouse became disabled and cannot continue to work
  • You or your former spouse received a substantial increase in pay
  • The receiving party remarried or lives with a new partner

If you and your former spouse are on good terms, you should first consider discussing a modification of your spousal support order before taking it to court. If you can agree to a modification, this will save you some time. That said, you must still have these changes approved by the court to ensure it is enforceable. You do not want to risk being on the hook for payments you cannot afford if your former spouse has a change of heart.

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