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Is it Safe to Use Social Media During a Divorce?

Many of us enjoy sharing and interacting with friends and family on social media. However, while social media can be a fun way to stay connected, it can also be immensely harmful for those who are going through the divorce process. Therefore, the safest thing you can do during this period is to take a social media break until after your divorce is finalized. None of the posts you make on Instagram or Facebook are worth jeopardizing your settlement.

Why is Social Media Use So Risky?

Sharing memes and writing about your life probably does not seem entirely harmful, but the truth is that everything we share online can create a narrative in court that may backfire. For example, if you suddenly start sharing jokes or memes that have a negative outlook on relationships or marriage, you may seem bitter or uncooperative.

You should also never assume your social media posts are secure, even if you already unadded your spouse. Chances are you still have several mutual friends in common and it would be impossible to know to whom each person is loyal. A post you intended to be shared with a small audience can end up in the wrong hands if one of your online friends chooses to share it with your spouse.

Even posts that seem impersonal or lacking in details can provide some information you might not want to share. For example, using the check-in feature or posting pictures of a trip or a night out can reveal a lot about your spending habits or your lifestyle. If you are trying to keep your support payments down, the image you present on social media can be quite damaging.

If you absolutely cannot quit social media cold turkey, consider using it with caution. Here are some tips:

  • Do not share posts about your children
  • Do not share posts about your divorce, its progress, or your feelings about it
  • Do not speak negatively about your spouse
  • Do not post pictures
  • Do not allow others to tag you in pictures
  • Do not share posts related to dating or a new relationship

Ultimately, if you continue to use social media, none of your posts should share details about your life or provide any insight into your lifestyle.

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