Helping Your Children Cope with Divorce

Getting a divorce is hard enough for adults to endure, so you can imagine how challenging it is for children. It is your job as parents to help make this process easier for them, so they can develop healthy coping mechanisms that allow them to continue to grow and thrive as your family adjusts to the changes brought on by your divorce. Continue reading for some advice on how to help your children during this difficult time.

Tips on How to Help Your Children Cope

Divorce can affect children in any number of ways. They may feel angry, depressed, frustrated, or even relieved. Everyone is different, but no matter how varied your children’s reactions to your divorce may be, they will still need you to be as available as possible for them.

Here are some tips that can help:

  • You should encourage your children to be honest and talk about their feelings. It is important for them to know that their opinions and feelings are valid, so be a good listener even if it is challenging to hear their thoughts about the situation.
  • Give them support during this difficult time. Depending on their age, they may need different forms of support. A younger child might need to hold a favorite toy or to spend some quality time with you. Older children may need some space to process everything. You can also ask what would make them feel better.
  • Hold back on any details about why the marriage ended. You might be harboring a lot of resentment toward your former spouse, but talking to your children about it will only hurt them, so keep those negative comments in check.
  • Remember to take care of yourself. Find a support group or talk to others who have gone through a similar experience. Finding healthy ways to cope with your divorce will help you help your children get through this transitional period in their lives.

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