Spousal Support

How is Spousal Support Determined?

Spousal support is sometimes awarded in a divorce when one spouse can prove a need for financial assistance and when the other spouse has the ability to pay. In Ohio, family courts do not use a specific formula for calculating spousal support, including the type, duration, amount, and manner in which it should be paid.

What You Need to Know About Spousal Support

When determining spousal support in a divorce case, a judge will review many factors. Although the duration of the marriage will certainly come into play, there are many other elements a judge will review when rendering this decision.

Here are some important factors involved in a spousal support case:

  • All sources of income for both spouses, including property and assets awarded in the divorce
  • The earning ability of each spouse, based on education, job history, and skills
  • The age and overall health of both spouses
  • The standard of living the couple had during their marriage
  • Each spouse’s debts, assets, and court-ordered payments
  • If either spouse contributed to the other’s ability to obtain training, a professional degree, or increased income during the marriage
  • The time and cost for the spouse seeking support to obtain training or education to secure sufficient employment
  • If a spouse contributed to the marriage as a homemaker and, as a result, has decreased earning ability
  • The impact alimony will have on each spouse’s taxes
  • Any other factors a judge may deem pertinent

Once it is determined if a spouse is eligible for spousal support, a judge will specify payment information. In some cases, spousal support can be paid in the form of a lump-sum or with real or personal property.

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