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Can I Modify Child Support?

If you can no longer keep up with your child support payments or if your situation has changed and you need an increase in payments, you can have the order modified. One way to modify child support is by simply talking to your former spouse about the matter until you reach an agreement on a new amount. However, if you cannot see eye-to-eye on child support, you can petition the court with this request.

Modifying a Child Support Order

Child support is not a matter courts handle lightly, so if money is tight or you lost your job, do not simply stop making these payments. Instead, petition the court for a modification of child support as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may face some serious consequences for your noncompliance.

Below is a list of common situations in which a judge may modify your child support order:

  • The needs of the child changed
  • One parent got a new, higher-paying job
  • One parent involuntarily became unemployed or took a pay cut
  • One parent became responsible for the support of another child
  • One parent became disabled
  • There is a significant change in the amount of time the child spends with each parent
  • One parent became incarcerated
  • There are significant changes in a number of factors the court considered when issuing the original order

If you are the paying parent, it is important to understand that you cannot reduce your payments by voluntarily leaving your job or choosing to take a low-paying job. A judge will look at your prior earnings, education, and work history and base child support on what you should be earning.

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