Holidays after divorce

Celebrating the Holidays with Your Kids Post-Divorce

The holiday season will likely be a challenging time for you and your family if you recently went through the divorce process and have young children. Your kids are used to having both of their parents around for Christmas and it will be hard for them to cope with the changes precipitated by your split. We have some tips that can help you celebrate the holiday season after your divorce.

Embracing the Holidays After a Divorce

Your children probably have a lot of emotions right now, ranging from sad, anxious, afraid, and confused. Let them know that it is okay to feel what they are experiencing. Validating your children’s emotions will play a big part in helping them cope with the situation.

Here are some additional tips that will help you enjoy the holidays together:

  • Let your children provide their input regarding what they want to do during the holidays. Whether you are able to spend Christmas with them or not, you can still make this a very special time for them and accommodate some of their wishes.
  • Although it would be good to try to keep some old traditions for the sake of helping your children feel safe, you should also create and embrace some new ones that are tailored to your new circumstances. It will give your children something new to look forward to and rely on.
  • Try not to make this about you. No matter how bad you are feeling about your divorce, your children are undoubtedly feeling even more raw about it. Focus on making the holiday season easier for them. The more present you are, the better you can all get through this.
  • Do not let the pressure and stress of the holidays get to you. Take some time to focus on your health and make sure you eat well, get enough rest, and exercise. You should also avoid overindulging in alcohol.

Your divorce is the start of a new beginning for you and your family. Keep that in mind and remember that, although you may be heartbroken now, there is a bright future ahead of you.

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