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Tips for Celebrating Halloween After a Divorce

Halloween is the prelude to the holiday season and, if you were recently divorced, this will likely kick off a lot of anxious feelings. You likely celebrated this as a family in the past, so now you will have to work around a new dynamic while ensuring your children still have an enjoyable time. Continue reading for some helpful tips on how to approach this spooktacular day.

Minimizing the Scares

Hopefully, the only thing scaring you this Halloween are ghost stories, costumes, and movies rather than how well you and your co-parent can navigate the day.

However, for those who are still trying to adjust to co-parenting in the aftermath of their split we have some helpful tips:

  • Alternate every year: Much like you might alternate other holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, you and your ex-spouse can alternate Halloween. If Halloween is an important holiday for your family, try planning other seasonal activities with your children throughout the month. Look up your local events calendar to find out what festivities you can partake in with the kids, especially during the years when your ex has them on Halloween day.
  • Split the day: If it is practical, consider splitting Halloween with your ex. You might even be able to take them trick-or-treating in your respective neighborhoods.
  • Go out together: Not all exes are at each other’s throats, so if you and your former spouse are on good terms, you can take the kids trick-or-treating together. Two chaperones are better than one and this will give both of you the opportunity to enjoy this holiday with the children.

Adjusting to life after a divorce can be a challenge, but together, you can make it work.

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