Do I Need My Ex’s Permission to Introduce Our Kids to My New Partner?

After your divorce, you will likely soon start dating again. Finding someone new to share your life with can renew a sense of hope in you that you may have feared you lost when your marriage ended. If you have children, however, you may be wondering how to navigate this situation and how to ultimately share this new joy with your children.

Dating After a Divorce

When it comes to introducing a new partner to your children, you generally do not need your ex’s permission, unless it was otherwise mentioned in your parenting plan. If your partner ever puts your children in danger, this is another circumstance in which you will have to keep them separate. That said, your ex will need a court order to enforce the restriction.

Although the decision is ultimately up to you in regards to when you can introduce your new partner to your children, this is a choice you should make very thoughtfully. Ask yourself if this is a relationship you believe will last. Stability and consistency are essential for children, so if this partner is not in it for the long haul, you may want to let the relationship run its course without making any introductions. If your children were to form any attachments to your new partner and it ends up being a brief relationship, it could negatively impact your children.

You should also ask yourself if they are ready to meet someone new. If it has not been too long since your divorce was finalized, you may want to hold off on an introduction until they are emotionally ready for it. Seeing you with someone who is not their other parent will be a jarring experience, so do not rush into it. If you believe your new relationship will last, there is no reason for you to hurry this process.

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