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Fairly Dividing Custody Between ExesEach state has its own unique child custody laws. It is important to understand your rights and how the law applies to your situation, when dealing with a custody dispute or working out a child custody agreement during a divorce. At Crossman & McNamee, LLC, our Greene County child custody attorneys understand the difficulty of dealing with a custody dispute and work to help our clients find the best resolution for themselves and their children.

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What Types of Custody Are There in Ohio?

Ohio law separates custody issues and decisions into different types, including physical and legal custody. Physical custody recognizes where the children will live and who will have responsibility for the child. Legal custody is the right to make certain decisions for the child, such as educational, medical, and religious upbringing. Custody may be awarded jointly, with both parents sharing the rights and responsibilities of parenthood, or sole custody, with one parent retaining these rights and responsibilities and the other being awarded visitation.

How Do Courts Determine Child Custody?

When divorcing parents are unable to come to an agreement through negotiations, mediation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, the court will make the final decisions regarding custody. Courts make decisions based on the best interests of the child. Judges consider factors such as each parent’s mental and physical health, criminal records, the child’s current school situation, observations of the relationships between the child and each parent, and the preference of the child, if he or she is old enough and mature enough.

Our attorneys represent parents in custody and visitation issues, including:

  • Sole and joint physical custody
  • Legal custody and decision-making
  • Visitation rights
  • Enforcement of custody orders
  • Modification of custody
  • Grandparent visitation
  • Juvenile delinquency and dependence proceedings

We believe that parents’ maintaining a cordial relationship is in the best interest of the children and work to help clients resolve disputes through negotiations or mediation, whenever possible. Unfortunately, this is not possible in every situation. when litigation becomes necessary, you can rest assured that our Greene County child custody lawyers are prepared to fight for your rights in court.

Protecting Your Child's Best Interests During Divorce

At Crossman & McNamee, LLC, we understand that going through a divorce can be a difficult and emotional time, especially when it involves child custody disputes. Our experienced child custody lawyers in Greene County are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complexities of custody arrangements and ensure the best interests of the child are prioritized.

Our firm specializes in family law and has a deep understanding of the legal complexities involved in divorce and child custody cases. We have a track record of success in helping our clients achieve favorable outcomes while minimizing conflict and stress.

What sets our firm apart:

  • Experienced and compassionate attorneys
  • Personalized approach to each case
  • Strong advocacy for our clients' rights
  • Focus on achieving the best possible outcome for your family

If you are facing a child custody dispute or have questions about divorce and family law matters, our dedicated team is here to help. Schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys today to discuss the details of your case.

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