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Options for Couples Seeking Alternatives to Divorce in the Greater Miami Valley

In some situations, couples may decide to live apart but aren’t ready to file for divorce. Like many states, Ohio provides an alternative for these couples with legal separation. If you are considering alternatives to divorce, the Greene County legal separation attorneys at Crossman & McNamee, LLC can provide the information you need to make important decisions for your future.

What Is Legal Separation?

Legal separation is when married couples separate and live separate lives, following an order of the court. In cases where the parties are not sure of the current state of their marriage, but want to establish financial boundaries and responsibilities, such as asset separation, custody of dependent children, and child support, legal separation in Ohio is one of the popular alternatives to divorce.

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Benefits of Legal Separation

Legal separation can offer couples an alternative to divorce while still providing legal protections and guidelines for their separation. Some of the benefits of legal separation include:

  • Financial stability: Legal separation can allow couples to maintain certain financial benefits, such as health insurance or retirement benefits, that may be lost in a divorce.
  • Time for reflection: Legal separation can give couples the opportunity to take a step back and assess their relationship without the finality of divorce.
  • Child custody and support: Legal separation agreements can outline custody and support arrangements for children, providing clarity and structure during the separation process.
  • Legal protections: Legal separation agreements can address issues such as property division, debt allocation, and spousal support, providing a clear framework for the separation.

Our experienced Greene County legal separation attorneys can guide you through the process and help you understand the potential benefits of legal separation for your unique situation. Contact Crossman & McNamee, LLC today to discuss your options.

Reasons Couples Choose Separation Over Divorce

A legal separation is similar to divorce in many ways, but the marriage is not ended. Couples may choose legal separation for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons for choosing separation over divorce include issues surrounding children, spouses hoping for an eventual reconciliation, religious beliefs, retaining medical benefits, and financial issues.

Negotiating Legal Separation Agreements

The major issues settled during a divorce must also be negotiated in a legal separation. This includes where your children will live and how your assets and property will be divided. The court must approve an agreement between the spouses that outlines how marital responsibilities, parenting responsibilities, and other pertinent issues, depending on the situation and whether there are minor children.

A separation agreement must address issues that include:

Our legal separation attorneys in Greene County can explain how legal separation works and help you make important decisions regarding the most important issues for you. We explain your options and help you consider how issues negotiated in your separation agreement may impact your future. We will advocate on your behalf and help you negotiate a fair separation agreement for your unique situation.

If you are interested in discussing alternatives to divorce like legal separation in Ohio, please call (937) 468-3796 to schedule an appointment for a consultation with our Ohio legal separation lawyers.

Commonly Asked Questions

What are the benefits of choosing legal separation over divorce?

Couples may choose legal separation over divorce for reasons such as retaining medical benefits, financial issues, religious beliefs, and the hope for an eventual reconciliation. Legal separation allows couples to establish financial boundaries and responsibilities without ending the marriage.

What issues need to be negotiated in a legal separation agreement?

A legal separation agreement must address issues such as the division of marital property and assets, responsibility for marital debts, child support, child custody and visitation, and spousal support. These are important matters that need to be settled during a legal separation.

How can legal separation attorneys help in negotiating a fair separation agreement?

Legal separation attorneys can explain how legal separation works, help individuals consider their options, and advocate on their behalf during negotiations. They can assist in creating a fair separation agreement tailored to the unique situation of the couple.


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