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  • She is a tough litigator, negotiator, and communicates every step
    First and foremost no one should go into a divorce thinking it will be easy or inexpensive. It is emotional, draining, and painful. There are no winners or losers especially when children are involved. With that being said, select an attorney with the knowledge that you are paying them, place your trust that you hired the best attorney possible however, know that they accepted you too as a client. There has to be mutual trust and respect. No decisions nor agreements will be made without consulting you and obtaining your final authorizations. Ann is especially skilled in cases which involve large assets, multiple properties, and her attention to detail in pensions and retirement orders were instrumental in ensuring I received my retirement benefits. If this is how you expect to be treated, and want to be represented then hands down F. Ann Crossman at Crossman & McNamee is the Attorney you want to represent you. She is a tough litigator, negotiator, and communicates every step of the process with her clients.

    - Nancy A.

  • She's tenacious and thorough
    Divorces are painful, and can be combative and expensive. With Ann in my corner, things worked out reasonably well. The opposing counsel was simply outgunned and outclassed. She's tenacious and thorough. One thing that I would suggest for folks going through this is - think about the implications of finances both during and after the process is over and be selective about the things worth fighting over. Things are easily replaced -don't spend 5K arguing over 3K worth of stuff (and yes Ann told me this at the time but I didn't appreciate it until years later).

    - Former Client

  • Ann Crossman was always thoroughly prepared.

    I was well represented by Ann Crossman in a nasty divorce and am quite pleased. Sure while it's going on it's stressful and expensive, every divorce is. There's a system in place that doesn't feel fair but a good attorney makes sure you are treated fairly. Ann Crossman was always thoroughly prepared.

    - Charles H.